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First, we had suspects

I’m launching a conference on business technology disruption called Pandemon.io. I’d like it if you told your friends, or followed us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’d love it if you signed up for our weekly newsletter, which we’re packing with useful stories and interviews with our speakers. And I’d be absolutely ecstatic if youRead more

Inbox is the Trojan Horse for your personal AI

Google’s Mail products are a Trojan Horse with which the company is turning “use the Internet” into “talk with an AI.”

Unlocking our future past

In a few years, algorithms will be able to describe video content as well as humans can. Unlocking the pent up information in petabytes of video will have wide-ranging impacts on society.

Design for interruption

Stop designing for mobile. Instead, design for interruption. The future of computing is prosthetic brains, and those who figure out how and when to interrupt us will win.