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Bitnorth 2014 recap

Bitnorth 2014 is done; here’s what we covered at CAMMAC this year.

Bitnorth 2010 survey and plans

We try to be ridiculously transparent about Bitnorth. In 2010, we surveyed attendees again, and tried to learn from what worked and what didn’t. We even got all fancy-pants with Pivot Tables to try and understand the correlation between attendees and parts of the event. Here’s the document we sent out to 2011 attendees summarizingRead more

Full disclosure: running Bitnorth 2009

After this year’s Bitnorth, we published the finances and feedback we collected from attendees. One of the great things about running a conference you control entirely is that you don’t have to get permission to do things (other than the occasional liquor tasting permit and bribing the kitchen staff.) If you’re interested in the results,Read more