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Bitnorth 2010 survey and plans

We try to be ridiculously transparent about Bitnorth. In 2010, we surveyed attendees again, and tried to learn from what worked and what didn’t. We even got all fancy-pants with Pivot Tables to try and understand the correlation between attendees and parts of the event. Here’s the document we sent out to 2011 attendees summarizingRead more

Bitnorth 2010 website

By the third Bitnorth, we’ve got most of the kinks worked out. We’ve run a large number of icebreakers and extra-curricular activities. This year’s theme was Human 2.0, a recognition of the man/machine convergence we’re seeing all around us. The website had some basic logistical details, but wasn’t as fancy as the 2009 site.

Bitnorth 2010 coming up

At the end of August, we’ll be running the third Bitnorth. This is an annual event that happens North of Montreal; for the past three years, we’ve used CAMMAC, an amazing camp by a lake. Bitnorth is rather as if TED, Foo Camp and Ignite all went to band camp together. It’s fun, and it’sRead more