Startup Marketing

How early stage companies should craft their brand, share their message, and grow their markets.

Thrust and lube

For thousands of years, humans have fought friction with force to bend the world to their will. But a digital world is frictionless, and successful companies focus on lube, not thrust, to disrupt their industries.

Announcing Lean Analytics

I’m writing a book called Lean Analytics about using data to build better startups faster. Here’s why.

Two tricks for a great presentation

Next time you have to present something, try these two tricks. It’ll make your content more convincing, and your presentation easier to listen to—maybe even enjoyable.

Pitching your company in five minutes

It’s always tough to pitch your company to others, mainly because you’re inside the company. You can explain what Lost or Firefly or The Hunger Games is about, right? Then why can’t you do it for your company at a big event? There are several reasons: You can’t tailor it to just one audience: AtRead more

YT and TY: four letters that run the valley

TY and YT are four letters that govern much of how business is conducted in Silicon Valley. To outsiders, the behavior of hustlers and hackers often looks strange, even elitist. Here’s what I think is going on.

Building a message map

A message map is the best way to ensure that your messages are clear and targeted. It’s essentially a flowchart that shows the stages a prospect goes through until they become a buyer, along with the objections they have at each stage of the process and the content needed to overcome those objections. When I did a lot of startup acceleration, this process was part of our “secret sauce,” and in 2009 I finally got around to writing it up.