Thoughts on data, society, and other things that don't fit neatly into buckets.

Old laws, new problems

Instead of writing new laws to deal with tech, maybe we need to adapt the existing ones.

Carriers are taking a page from discount airlines

With one fight in the net neutrality war lost, carriers are borrowing a page from discount airlines and using free services as a Trojan Horse for the tiered Internet.

On dreams of climate and consequence

What if your access to something tomorrow depended on your behavior today, but you only knew about it in retrospect? Also, a weird dream.

Jungle surplus wetware

Does biology affect culture? And does culture affect how we make decisions? If so, perhaps geopolitics relies more on our jungle-surplus wetware than we’re willing to admit.

Violating the prime directive: Clouds, Flickr, and repatriation

I spent hours trying to get my own content back from Flickr. I found out it violates the cloud’s prime directive: Get me my stuff.