Good Conference

How to run conferences and events that don't suck.

Propose, Prepare, Present

Propose Prepare Present pulls the covers off the conference industry, so you understand what it takes to take the stage.

Some thoughts on moderating panels

Panels are where content goes to die, and often they feel like the commercial break between content. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to moderate panels that rock.

Chain Reaction panel

A Chain Reaction panel is an alternative to traditional panel discussions, giving everyone a chance to be the interviewer and interviewee and mixing up your event lineup.

The Bitnorth dilemma

Bitnorth’s going to be over capacity, a victim of its own success. Here’s what I’m doing about it, and some thoughts on the politics of scarcity.

Oxford Debate

An Oxford Debate is a great way to get a discussion going and involve the audience, while avoiding sales pitches. Here’s how to run one.


We turned a Bitnorth icebreaker into a gameshow that blends Google Suggest with Family Feud. Here’s the app and how to use it.