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First, we had suspects

I’m launching a conference on business technology disruption called I’d like it if you told your friends, or followed us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’d love it if you signed up for our weekly newsletter, which we’re packing with useful stories and interviews with our speakers. And I’d be absolutely ecstatic if youRead more

The Lean Analytics Backchannel

My Lean Analytics co-author Ben and I are launching a backchannel for entrepreneurs who want to dig deeper on data-driven business. Here’s why, and how you can join.

On chat as interface

Musings on the (for now) strange world of chat, where the interfaces are untestable, every use leaves a logfile, each interaction is a survey, and we talk with our cars and bank accounts.

24h in VR 0:00-0:23: Electric Monk

Three VR experiences demonstrate just how much the human brain doesn’t like conflicting information about movement and position.

Stalking the Mixed Reality tech stack

There’s a new tech stack coming, combining AI with interruptive displays and sensors. Here are my guesses at who might build it.

Inbox is the Trojan Horse for your personal AI

Google’s Mail products are a Trojan Horse with which the company is turning “use the Internet” into “talk with an AI.”