Themes for Bitnorth 2012


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The middle weekend in September is fast approaching, and with it, the fifth iteration of Bitnorth. Each year, we try to pick a theme—with varying degrees of success. One year it was the other 99 percent (see how ahead of our time we are? ;-)), one year it was disguise, and another it was Human 2.0.

This year, the theme is intersections.

Some of the most interesting things happen at the intersection between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects, when they’re combined in new ways. To that end, I’m providing seven apparently unrelated topics, and asking participants to talk about the intersection of two of them:

  • Changing minds
  • Copyright
  • Superpowers
  • Longevity
  • Friction
  • Diffusion
  • Lustanian tactics during the Roman invasion of Hispania starting in 155 BC and their impact on the structure of Roman military encampments

Bonus points for more than two.

Of course, Bitnorth is really unstructured, so if someone wants to talk about root cellars, or the carbon footprint of beer, or how to listen to On the nature of Daylight, or sewing yourself back together, that’s fine too. Just be interesting.