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The most ironic thing on TV last week

While I watched Daily Show episode on big data and privacy, 117 companies watched me.

You’ll be tagged

Crowdsourced tagging and ubiquitous photography spell the end of privacy. How should we deal with this?

Thin walls and traffic cameras

A couple can overlook a brush of lipstick or a stray hair, but the hard proof of a speeding ticket that gives away an afternoon tryst can’t be ignored. An object lesson in the gray areas of Big Data.

The selfish economics of Big Data

Big Data’s ability to make increasingly accurate predictions will change the economics of industries based on amortizing risk across a population.

Big Data is our generation’s civil rights issue, and we don’t know it

Because it can be used in unintended ways, Big Data is the civil rights issue of our generation. But unlike coarse discrimination such as Redlining, today’s prejudice is surgical, tailored, and as a result hard to regulate.