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Feel like drinking from the firehose? Start here. Don't blame me if this feels like ADD.

The challenges of 2-sided marketplaces

After four conversations about 2-sided marketplaces this week, I’ve summarized some of my thoughts here.

Carriers are taking a page from discount airlines

With one fight in the net neutrality war lost, carriers are borrowing a page from discount airlines and using free services as a Trojan Horse for the tiered Internet.

Bitnorth 2014 recap

Bitnorth 2014 is done; here’s what we covered at CAMMAC this year.

Why I invested in OnBeep

I invested in OnBeep. I don’t do much investing; here’s why this is different.

The three currencies of the online economy

Attention, Reputation, and Money are the three currencies of the online economy, and businesses that build to this triple-bottom-line have far better chances of success.