Startup Marketing

How early stage companies should craft their brand, share their message, and grow their markets.

The audience sweet spot

If you’re running an event or doing content marketing, you’re trying to hit this sweet spot: the right topic for the right audience on the right medium.

Pitchers not buckets

Forget leaky buckets—for SaaS, a leaky pitcher is a way better metaphor.

The challenges of 2-sided marketplaces

After four conversations about 2-sided marketplaces this week, I’ve summarized some of my thoughts here.

Why I invested in OnBeep

I invested in OnBeep. I don’t do much investing; here’s why this is different.

The three currencies of the online economy

Attention, Reputation, and Money are the three currencies of the online economy, and businesses that build to this triple-bottom-line have far better chances of success.

Read these and understand the future

There’s a lot going on. Here’s some vital reading on human/machine interfaces, pseudonymous currencies, smart automation, and the service economy.