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First, we had suspects

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On chat as interface

Musings on the (for now) strange world of chat, where the interfaces are untestable, every use leaves a logfile, each interaction is a survey, and we talk with our cars and bank accounts.

Inbox is the Trojan Horse for your personal AI

Google’s Mail products are a Trojan Horse with which the company is turning “use the Internet” into “talk with an AI.”

Unlocking our future past

In a few years, algorithms will be able to describe video content as well as humans can. Unlocking the pent up information in petabytes of video will have wide-ranging impacts on society.

This trifecta drives the next decade of tech

Big data, smart agents, and new interfaces are cool on their own. But together, they’re a virtuous cycle that shows what the next decade of tech looks like.

Can we fix representation?

Representative government is broken. But now we’re all connected, maybe syndicates can fix it?