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Violating the prime directive: Clouds, Flickr, and repatriation

I spent hours trying to get my own content back from Flickr. I found out it violates the cloud’s prime directive: Get me my stuff.


If my native Québec wants to save its language and culture, it desperately needs the very allies they’re trying to shun with a crackdown on language.

Is the holiday over for digital offshoring?

A relatively unknown debate over whether special effects shot overseas should be subject to tariffs could have wide-ranging consequences for the digital economy.

James Burke says the darndest things

At Strata last week, science historian James Burke gave a brilliant keynote. Afterwards, we had a coffee break for members of the media, during which he expanded on some of the things he’d said on the main stage. The topic of the Internet came up. I love the way he put this: “I think theRead more

We didn’t lay a hand on him

What happens when we turn machine learning to the task of detecting your worst fears—and immersive environments into your personal hell? A rather nihilistic look at the virtual version of Orwell’s Room 101.