Spending time in augmented, virtual, and mixed realities.

24h in VR 0:00-0:23: Electric Monk

Three VR experiences demonstrate just how much the human brain doesn’t like conflicting information about movement and position.

Stalking the Mixed Reality tech stack

There’s a new tech stack coming, combining AI with interruptive displays and sensors. Here are my guesses at who might build it.

24 hours in Virtual Reality

I’m going to spend 24 hours in VR this year. Here’s why—and a plea for your help getting there.

Blue-collar AR

Hipster-wearing Glassheads aside, the real future of AR is blue collar work. Just wait until the unions figure out that’s a Trojan Horse for robots.

We didn’t lay a hand on him

What happens when we turn machine learning to the task of detecting your worst fears—and immersive environments into your personal hell? A rather nihilistic look at the virtual version of Orwell’s Room 101.