An annual conference that combines TED-like variety, Ignite-short presentations, and a FOOcamp-like scruffiness.

Why we all need adult geek camp

Guest post from Margaret Dawson on why camp vibes can be good for grownups too.

Bitnorth (September 14-16, 2012) registration is now open

Bitnorth 2012 open registration starts today. Here’s what it’s like, and how to grab one of the remaining tickets.

Themes for Bitnorth 2012

This year’s Bitnorth theme is Intersections. Specifically, between two or more of these topics.

The Bitnorth dilemma

Bitnorth’s going to be over capacity, a victim of its own success. Here’s what I’m doing about it, and some thoughts on the politics of scarcity.

Bitnorth 2011 is a wrap

The fourth Bitnorth has come and gone. No theme this year, just sixty people who showed up to tell one another about something they find fascinating. Plus tastings, drinking, and plenty of activities. By now, we’ve had over 100 different people attend the event. I’ll post some statistics on how this year compared to pastRead more

Bitnorth 2010 survey and plans

We try to be ridiculously transparent about Bitnorth. In 2010, we surveyed attendees again, and tried to learn from what worked and what didn’t. We even got all fancy-pants with Pivot Tables to try and understand the correlation between attendees and parts of the event. Here’s the document we sent out to 2011 attendees summarizingRead more