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Some thoughts on Big Data from Strata

A quick video looking at where Big Data, and the Strata conference, are headed.

Big data, big apple, big ethics

New York is awash in Big Data next week, and the Ford Foundation is running a day on the upsides and drawbacks of Big Data too.

The selfish economics of Big Data

Big Data’s ability to make increasingly accurate predictions will change the economics of industries based on amortizing risk across a population.

Three big data conversations

I’m in Prague this week for WebExpo. Being largely detached from the constant interruptions of a North American timezone has given me a chance to think about big data from a somewhat more detached perspective. I’ve got three things I want to spend some time writing about in the coming weeks, and probably touching on at StrataRead more

Followup on Big Data and Civil Rights

Big Data and Civil Rights struck a nerve. Here are some follow-up thoughts.

Big Data is our generation’s civil rights issue, and we don’t know it

Because it can be used in unintended ways, Big Data is the civil rights issue of our generation. But unlike coarse discrimination such as Redlining, today’s prejudice is surgical, tailored, and as a result hard to regulate.